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I'm a mixed media artist who loves to use recycled and repurposed materials in my work, such as reclaimed wood, cigar boxes, canvas, textiles, and paper, wood scraps from other projects, paper clay, acrylics, ink, watercolor, vintage music and anything else that makes for interesting creating. There are also at times some unconventional materials used such as joint compound, ventilation tape, mesh, cheesecloth, gold leaf, molding paste, and raw materials from nature to name a few.

The qualities of products you will find in the shop are organic in nature, meaning they are not perfect and are not mean to be. This way of creating is part of my style and character in my pieces. Each piece is handmade with a little of my soul and heart in each one. They are original and one of a kind making them the perfect imperfect piece for your space or a very unique gift for that someone special.Enjoy the shop and I look forward to providing you with a very eclectic,organic and unique piece of work. 

Owner | Artist

Hi, I’m Kimberly McGuiness, I’m a self-taught artist who works in a variety of mixed media, digital art and some illustration with my thoughts being organic in nature. I have always been a creative spirit my whole life, but, my true love has been for my art since I was in elementary school. My artwork received a Certificate of Achievement from the Florida Winter Park Arts Festival in 1976-1977. I went through the grades exploring art and developing my creativity through my high school graduation. My life took a different turn when I was blessed with my daughter Julia in 1988. She is a ray of sunshine surrounded by an infectious loving spirit who is living with deaf autism. She is my sunshine on my stormiest and my storm on my sunniest. After her birth, my art was on hold for many years until 2008 when I started back with my journaling which then lead me to where I am today with my work. I currently live and work in Cave Spring,Ga. 

Cave Spring, Ga 30124

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